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Martin Pattera is a Managing Partner at Edizon. He is also moderator of "The Innovators Talk" with different innovation executives as special guests. This format offers 1h-discussions about current hot topics for innovators.

FREE JTBD Webinars twice a year (1 hour)
While drinking your morning-coffee, listen to Martin Pattera explaining Jobs-to-be-Done and Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) together with the 5 steps of a successful project. You will see this process more clearly than ever before.

Each webinar is focused on a different topic or industry.

Next to the JTBD Webinars, the JTBD Institute Europe offers additional training formats, to dive much deeper into the methodology: https://www.edizon-innovation.com/jtbd-institute-europe/

Try out our JTBD E-Learning Platform: https://elearning.edizon-innovation.com/
JTBD WEBINAR - Jobs-to-be-Done as a Guideline for Groundbreaking Innovation - Case Study with MACO